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Brian Waller

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My background is different from most lawyers. I came to practice law after spending 15 years working in accounting, finance, and operations for both small startups and large public companies. This gives me a much broader perspective of the way services are delivered successfully and what is important to clients. I am prepared to question and challenge how legal services are delivered and how they can be improved. It should be easy for clients to work with attorneys to get the help they need, especially in an area as stressful to clients as family law.

Our firm is focused on providing an exceptional client experience, and modernizing the way clients interact with their lawyers. We avoid unnecessary meetings. We ensure clients are thoroughly informed promptly of each step along the way. We understand clients lead busy lives, so we are committed to being flexible. We'll meet clients at their convenience, not ours. We will also communicate in the way that best suits the client — phone, text, email or in person. 

I live in Grafton, MA with my wife Shelley, a 5th-grade teacher, and my two sons, Tommy and Nicholas.  In addition to practicing law, I also teach a course as an Adjunct Lecturer at Babson College in Wellesley, MA. In my spare time, I can usually be found working on a project around the house.

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  • Amazing Attorney

    Mr. Waller is such an amazing Attorney. He gives you enough time to explain your case and takes time to explain to you what the right course of action might be depending on your case. I have spoken to different lawyers before, but none is comparable to him so far. He hasn't completed my project y...
  • "Definitely Recommend"

    I met with Attorney Waller who advised me that my divorce could probably be handled by a mediator because there weren't many issues my ex-husband and I couldn't agree on. He was easy to talk to and explained the divorce process to me. I felt like he was looking out for my best interests even thou...

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