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Free Legal Services for Low-Income Families

Sequel Law is not a public agency, and we do not provide free legal services directly.

We do, however, support and work closely with Community Legal Aid and other organizations that provide free legal services to low-income families. All of our attorneys have at least one active pro bono case at any given time, and nearly all of these are referred to us through Community Legal Aid. 

We strongly believe in making legal services accessible to everyone, however, there is a very limited number of cases that Community Legal Aid and other public services can support through public funding and volunteer attorneys. We believe the only way to meaningfully increase the availability of legal services to a majority of people in local communities starts with changing the way legal services are delivered.  

Helpful Links

A full listing of all programs with links is available through MassLegalServices.org

List of free legal services programs in Massachusetts

Community Legal Aid - Worcester

Northeast Legal Aid

Children's Law Center of Massachusetts

Community Legal Services And Counseling Center

Massachusetts Bar Association Dial-A-Lawyer

Volunteer Lawyer Project

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