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N.F. Recommends Gregory Moscatel

Follow up! I'd like to add another 5 star but I think going back and looking at what I was against. Case has been over for a couple weeks, and I tend to ramble, I'm at a loss for words. Attorney listened to me, gave feed back, he called me, I was treated like a human being not a paycheck. There's nothing better than knowing you have the backing of a great Attorney who is also personable. Whether you've been involved in court before or not, the word “Trail” is well known to be a long and tedious process, and extremely expensive. Going to court for custody and divorce in which I was defendant, odds are stacked so bad against me. And not for one second did I feel that way. Attorney Moscatel has ONE WEEK to prepare for trail, yes ONE Week! That is completely unheard of, trails are generally months or years out! In one week I talked to Attorney Moscatel late into the evening, he coached me on the proper things to say and how to say them. I'm sorry this is so long but the secret is out of the bag, we (community) have the backing of a law firm who cares and will go hard for whatever you desire. Although the case is over, I still refer folks here, and yes Attorney Greg got me full legal and physical custody of the children, the divorce finalized that day, and I am forever indebted to This team. Thank you Greg and Sequel Law. You literally saved my children's lives Going through any kind of court process is stressful and challenging. I connected with this firm on a Probate matter and spoke with Attorney Greg Moscatol (sp)... He listened and was very open about the situation. Attorney always answered my calls, and went above the normal call of duty. He had answers before I asked the question! His input and go getter attitude was contagious. The forms and fillings were done before asking and he offered different options around my situation. Walking into a Probate as a male can be scary, but Attorney pointed out the facts and made sure key points were hit. These reviews can always be taken with a grain of salt, give them a call as this firm is well respected for these reasons. They treated me like a person, not a bank account.

– N.F.

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