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Gregory Moscatel

Greg's previous professional experience as both a Department Chief at an international newspaper and as a high school teacher has sharpened his ability to remain focused on results and winning. Known for his intensity and dedication, Greg's warm personality and sincere interest in others are easy to see.

Originally from Arlington, MA, Greg is an experienced family law attorney whose background as a boxer, inside linebacker and football coach gives him a mental toughness that is exceedingly rare.

Greg works as an active member of the Boston Bar Association's Volunteer Lawyers Project and has volunteered at the Family Law Clinic at Suffolk Probate and Family Court since 2016. In 2017, Greg was recognized by the Senior Partners for Justice and presented the Meg Connolly MVP Award for being a “dedicated fixture at the family law clinic.” Greg has since taken many outside cases for the Volunteer Lawyer's Project and is committed to helping the community through pro-bono work.


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    Follow up! I'd like to add another 5 star but I think going back and looking at what I was against. Case has been over for a couple weeks, and I tend to ramble, I'm at a loss for words. Attorney listened to me, gave feed back, he called me, I was treated like a human being not a paycheck. There's...